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A HUGE range of lenders

Find an option that's right for you.

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Business Leases that will build your cashflow

ANYFIN can assist you to find the leasing deal you prefer – the repayments, the term length, and flexibility. We will search multiple lenders so you can pick the package that suits you best.

When you lease a business vehicle or work equipment, your payments may be fully tax deductible**. That is one reason why leasing is so popular for business owners.

Easy to manage your cash flow

With business leases, you get immediate access to the vehicle, without a capital outlay, so you can reserve your cash flow for growth. You can structure the rental payments to suit your cash flow, and since the equipment is normally sufficient security, your other business assets are not normally required as security.

Why not contact one of our business finance specialists, and let us find the right lease for your business needs.

Easy and flexible options

What are your needs? You can choose a lease period that best suits your business, from 1 to 5 years is common. You can have your repayments set up for automated deductions from a bank account.

Rental payment costs are fixed so you know exactly what your costs are.

Apply now and ask your ANYFIN leasing specialist to get the wheels in motion.

** As always speak to your accountant regarding your tax circumstances.