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4 Ways to get a Fast and Easy Loan Application

In order to ensure a speedy application and approval process AnyFin Car Loans has put together a list of some tips to make your next car loan / car finance application run as smoothly as possible.

1.    Work out what you can afford

The most important step when deciding to apply for a car loan is making sure you’re not applying for an amount you cannot afford.  Before applying for a loan add up all your current expenses and liabilities and subtract it from your net income for that period – you can decide what you can afford to make in loan repayments form the surplus you are left with.   If you’re still unsure don’t fret,  AnyFin Car loans’ specialist trained consultants  always start the application process by identifying our customers’ needs and objectives .

2.    Don’t apply to the wrong lender

Unfortunately the age old saying ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again’ doesn’t really apply to borrowing money.  Applying to the wrong lender and having your application declined will only result in more credit enquiries on your credit history report (credit file) and potentially harm future attempts at getting finance.  It’s difficult to know which lender/s you meet the credit criteria for without knowing what their credit criteria is.  Instead of wasting time and potentially harming your credit history by applying to the wrong lenders directly, our car loans team will quickly identify which lenders will be most suited to your current situation and help find  a loan option that meets your needs.

3.    Make sure the information is accurate

All the information provided to the lenders needs to be verified and confirmed.  Incorrect information provided to the lenders may cause them to take additional measures to verify the details provided and possibly delay your application. Take the time to make sure the information provided in your application is as accurate as possible and avoid any potential delays.

4.    Supply the correct supporting documentation

The three most common types of supporting documents required by the lenders are proof of I.D., proof of income and proof of liabilities / expenses.  At time of application your AnyFin Car Loans consultant will commonly ask you for these three things to be supplied – whilst they may not be required to complete an application, supplying the correct supporting documentation upfront will significantly reduce the waiting time for assessment and settlement of your car loan application.  Likewise, if any of the details on your supporting documentation are not up to date, it can be brought to your attention so you can update them promptly.

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure you choose right broker who will ensure the above steps are followed – that’s why you should only choose AnyFin Car Loans!